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Welcome to J.U.L.E.

J.U.L.E. was established October 2007 as the only known dedicated register to all, and only, special edition MGB's, MGC's or Midgets which left (or were comissioned by) the Abingdon factory between 1962 and 1980 (this includes any special prototypes or race prepared cars and the U.S. 1975 anniversary special/Limited Edition specials)-If you own one we would love to hear from you.

Obviously the two well known special models of MGB were namely the Jubilee in 1975 and Limited Edition (otherwise known as L.E.) in 1980, ironically they were both produced to and celebrate completely opposite events.

If you own a MGB Jubilee,Limited Edition (L.E.) or any other MG special why not join our group ( or use the link at the top right hand side of this page) where you can contribute & share valuable information with other like minded owners. As a member you will be able to read about the history, join the discussion forum and get info on technical matters as well as help with restoration and benefit from our group buys. What are you waiting for?

If you used to own one of these special MG's and want to know of its wherabouts today then please email us ( and hopefully we can let you know.

Please note that it is a requirement of the club that all new potential members must currently own one of the models and that they must be prepared to submit the full details of their vehicle prior to becoming a member-membership to our club is currently free. After registering all new potential members will have their cars details requested (via a seperate email),these must be recieved back by us before your account can be fully activated-If we do not recieve this information within 7 days of our request your registration will be automatically declined and a new one will need to be submitted.

If you are thinking of buying or selling either a Jubilee or LE model and want us to carry out a free data check (to give you peace of mind that it is a genuine car) or if you have any other questions or queries then please send them to

Regards Colin

M G Ireland
M.G. NewsHaving purchased a MGB GT Le in May 2015 This year we joined MG Ireland which was our tenth trip with MG Ireland previous we had used our 1978 black GT which now is with its previous Owner.On this accession our base was the Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle Northern Ireland .On day one of the circular run was around the Morne Mountians Route passing through the silent valley, Day 2 was the Ards peninsular route ,Day three was too the Hillsborough Castle all cars 50+ were parked in the castle car park after our tour of the castle and return to the car park it was a surprise to see a Le roadster parked at the side of our GT Le The two cars looked excellent so I could not help my self from taking a photo or two and passing it on to the JULE Club having asked the owner of the Le Roadster Mr P Docton for is permission. Happy motoring Mike Bettridge No565
Mike Bettridge on 06 June 2016 15:36 · 0 Comments · 7480 Reads · Print
Classics in Corbridge
M.G. NewsI am the owner of Jubilee No 322 and am also Chairman of MG Northumbria. We are the organisers of Classics in Corbridge, the largest show in the North East, which is being held on 3/7/16.
More details are available on and entries on eventbrite at
Show your club as JULE and I will coordinate a stand.
Tim Cook on 08 March 2016 00:15
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Following the M.G. 40th anniversary.
Following the 40th M.G. anniversary and my runner up award the M.G. Enthusiast magazine has interviewed my son Jon and myself after our two year refurbishment of my M.G. GT. LE. KMP 1W.
The article of four pages is in the August edition of the Enthusiast I hope you will find it interesting.
Best wishes to all
Gary Nicholson

gary nicholson on 21 July 2014 16:44
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Warwick/Leamingto Spa
MembersMy son has taken KSR12P down to his digs in Leamington. He is at WQarwick University. Anyone in the area know of a good MG garage as it needs tuning, will not start when hot.
TreforR on 25 March 2014 23:55
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M.G. NewsHi, I am very keen on learnig how to improve my MG whilst retaining the ability to return it easily to standard.

I have been looking for ideas re the rear axle.

Panhard rods and all. I fould a website in the US called It is awesome and shows many MGBs as well as other makes modified to race and road.

I am facinated how many mods can be done to the cars and how each car has been changed in an intuitive manner. Thoroughly recommend it.


Nigel. Pudsey. Leeds.
NIGEL SEDMAN on 29 November 2012 23:49
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New Forest Run 2012
Members MGB LE Roadster (NPD 333W) flew the flag for the mgb jubilee as the only Jubilee car attending. A great day was had by all and the weather was also on our side. about 200 cars turned out for this event.
22PENGUINSLEFT on 07 June 2012 21:28
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Jube for sale
Due to closing down my Fabrication workshop I no longer have space for my Jubilee MGB. I have certificates of authenticity plus many other invoices etc of works carried out previously.
I have carried out little works to the Jube since aquiring her. The doors have been removed, Windscreen and bonnet; it requires some body work and some work to the floor pan.
I will be putting it on Ebay in the near future. :-(
Grahame Nutt on 28 December 2011 00:15
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Jubilee completed
M.G. NewsWell finally finished is my jubilee just taken her on a 450 mile round trip from west to east coast then back for final check to make sure all is well. Stripes provided by member Raceman are perfect sets the car off realy well got lots of comments about how well the car looked thanks to the club for all the help see you at one of the shows Tommo. alias Andy
Andy Thompson on 19 February 2011 19:34
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Help!! Jubilee in need of good home
album: b401_3.jpg

Free vehicle identity check

If you a currently looking to buy a 1975 MGB GT Jubilee and would like to know that you are getting a genuine car (unfortunately there are fakes around) then if you let us know the chassis number and registration number and dash plaque number (not all cars have one) we will gladly check against our factory database (which lists every car produced) and confirm for you (if you have any other questions then feel free to ask)


Jubilee-Man on 24 October 2009 22:00
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L.E. in need of new home

Free vehicle identity check

If you a currently looking to buy a 1981 Limited Edition (L.E.) MGB GT or Roadster and would like to know that you are getting a genuine car (unfortunately there are fakes around); then if you let us know the chassis number,registration number and whether it has wire or alloy wheels we will gladly check against our factory database (which lists every car produced) and confirm for you (if you have any other questions then feel free to ask)

Jubilee-Man on 24 October 2009 22:00
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U.S. L.E. Found a new home
album: mgble.jpg

MG Shop found his L.E. like this after spending 15 years in a barn in Virginia. If they had lasted that well over here a lot more would still be around
Jubilee-Man on 16 August 2009 16:32
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