New O.E.M. Spec Plaque Badges For The Jubilee & L.E.
Posted by Jubilee-Man on 03 April 2009 12:38

If you are looking f
or a new or replacement dashboard plaque for your Jubilee or L.E. (yes L.E.) then please read on.

Through the necessity of needing a replacement for my Jubilee I purchased a reproduction item via eBay. Having recieved the item I was so disappointed with its quality versus the original that I have had a limited number re-manufactured to the original factory specification.

Each plaque will come both engraved and complete with the original fixings which means that is is not stuck to the dash and no holes need drilling.

The amazing cost for one of these is only £21 each (inc p&p) and comes with your MG's sequential chassis number (you get to decide what you want engraved at the bottom-upto 16 characters inc. spaces).

All of the 24 originally ordered for March delivery have now gone but due to the success and quality of the product the club has decided to have a further batch of 10 produced and they will be available from mid June 2010.

I have also looked at reproducing a virtually identical plaque for the LE (something that the factory omitted to do) in a colour scheme of red print on a pewter background-thus matching the badge scheme on the L.E. These are now being manufactured (July 2010) and will be available from mid August. They will also be supplied engraved with a car number (relative to the sequence of the chassis numbers) and either the first owners name, owners personal choice or 'Limited Edition' at its base.

The cost for one of these (during the group buy) is also only £21 including p&p.

If you are interested in either of these unique offers you must already either be or need to register as a member of the site.

Please note that these may well be a one off orders so if you are interested please add your name to the forum as soon as possible.  

The above plaque is of an actual plaque from the first group buy.